Long Table Dinner: Food, Fellowship & Stories

Celebrate food and fellowship among friends and family with music by singer-songwriter Lara Herscovitch; stories from Cynthia Roja, ChaChanna Simpson, and Laconia Therrio about human commonality; and nourishment from Soul de Cuba Cafe, Olea, Claire’s CornerCopia, and Olmo Kitchen.

Arrive early at 6 PM for a glass of Freixenet cava and a tour of Susan Clinard's artist studio in the barn.



Olea New Haven
Amuse Bouche
Gazpacho: Tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, extra virgin olive oil, aged sherry vinegar, bread tuile, Marcona almond cloud
St Germain bread from G Café Bakery

Claires Corner Copia
Organic arugula and mixed greens, fennel, oranges, chic peas and pistachios, with our infused lavender honey poached feta and our lemony dressing
Cranberry walnut bread from G Café Bakery

Veggies Over Coal
Root vegetables charred over coals drizzled with honey, tossed with fresh herbs and lemon and topped with fresh ricotta.
WholeG 45+ bread from G Café Bakery

Soul de Cuba
Fricase de Pollo
Tender chicken thigh simmered with sliced onion, olives and Mediterranean spices served with yellow rice and fresh summer lemon
WholeG 45+ bread from G Café Bakery

Je T’ai Me Cupcakes and Cocktails
To My Queen Cupcakes
Rose water cupcake with a raspberry champagne infused curd in the middle that is Topped with a whipped honey chamomile buttercream and a hint mint.

Ilse Coffee
Colombian coffee produced by Jhon Jairo Gomez from the El Rosario, San Agustin, Huila Region

Featuring wines courtesy of Freixenet Mionetto
Frexinet Italian Rose Cava

Ferrer Miranda Wines from Spain
Vionta Albariño  - aromatic complexity, with a combination of tropical fruit notes and ripe fruit notes. Prominent features of the bouquet are mango, kiwi, peach, lemon, melon and pineapple. A long finish, highly aromatic with just a touch of bitterness a class.
Orube Crianza - Powerful, deep and balanced on the palate, with velvety tannins. A sensation of sweetness, certainly due to the high alcohol level. Great length, and a fine fruity finish.

Festival limited edition &Beer
A crisp and lovely lemon pilsner

Cynthia W. Rojas


Cynthia’s love of storytelling shines through in all she does. A life enthusiast, Cynthia tells personal stories that take an audience on a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and reflection.  Her ability to transform everyday moments into captivating narrative makes her stories resonate with many. Cynthia’s embrace of personal storytelling is rooted in the idea that we all experience extraordinary moments worthy of sharing with others.  In each story -- whether on stage or in a workshop -- she explores a wide range of topics and perspectives. She has performed throughout Connecticut at The Mouth-off, New Haven Storytellers, Story City Troupe, Tellabration, and the International Arts & Ideas Festival. She has also performed at The Story Space and MassMouth (both in Boston), 2021 National Storytelling Network and most recently at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival.   She has also been featured on Stories from the Stage, the only nationally syndicated storytelling televised show in the US. Cynthia is the second-place winner of the Hartford Story Slam (November 2019) and the audience choice winner at the MassMouth Story Slam (January 2020).

ChaChanna Simpson


ChaChanna Simpson is a two-time award-winning flash fiction writer, crystal & reiki healer, puzzle lover and has graced many storytelling stages throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. ChaChanna is also on the board of Northeast Storytelling.

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Laconia Therrio


Laconia Therrio tells stories from around the world: Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. A native of New Orleans, he believes that stories remind us more of our connections than our differences. Years ago, when he was 5 years old, he challenged his mother to find the most difficult word in the dictionary and she found Archaeopteryx. When he spelled it correctly his mother asked how he did that. His response: "I could see it." Since then he has loved words ... and the words became stories!


Lara Herscovitch


A singer-songwriter-poet-performer gem, The Boston Globe describes Lara as “a luminous voice and a buoyant stage presence… big-hearted lyrics embrace the sum of life… Herscovitch’s music blows on the embers of a lagging spirit...” Sound Waves Magazine calls her music “expertly written prose… songwriting at its best… good for your ears AND your soul.” Acoustic Live in NYC adds, “She possesses not only a huge reservoir of musical talent and a voice with a bell-like clarity, but a keen sense of global concern and a fierce intellect... It might seem too good to be true, but true it is.”

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Soul de Cuba


Soul de Cuba's story dates back to the summer of 2004, when Jesus led the development of the first Soul de Cuba Cafe in New Haven, Connecticut. Two years later, in July of 2006, he opened Soul de Cuba Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii, and launched Soul de Cuba Specialty Foods. Soul de Cuba Specialty Foods is the first-ever nationally-distributed Cuban food product line. And later in 2010, the Soul de Cuba Cafe franchise program was launched.

The Soul de Cuba Specialty Foods' efforts are dedicated to preserve and to spread the flavors and culture of Cuban traditions.

The Soul de Cuba Cafe concept is rooted in the idea of promoting and preserving Afro-Cuban culture through sharing traditional Cuban and African food and art. The concept begins in a cozy dining-room setting that incorporates Cuban memorabilia, family photos, and Afro-Cuban religious artwork displayed over soft, earth-toned painted walls. The ambiance is enhanced by the infusion of Cuban Salsa, Boleros, and Son music as well as traditional Yoruba Rhythms and African and American Jazz.

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Claire's Corner Copia


Since 1975, we have been committed to preparing and serving organic and sustainable vegetarian and vegan foods and desserts, by people who are highly respected and paid fair and livable wages and benefits. Respect for everything and everyone is our motto. As is #BekinderThanNecessary. Also, we work on ways to help support projects that lift children out of poverty. 

Je T'aime


Maxine Harris & Laurren Robinson are the dynamic duo behind Je T'aime. They have been friends for the past 15 years and have been baking together just as long. In 2020, they decided to establish their business as a way to spread joy and happiness during a difficult and uncertain time!

Je T'aime specializes in creating an elevated tasting experience through cupcakes by using a unique combination of flavors, textures, and spirits. For special occasions, collaborations, or simply just because!



In the heart of downtown New Haven, Olea offers an innovative interpretation of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.





Ilse Coffee




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