Peabody Museum Presents: Dinos to Birds

Watch the Green turn into a museum as staff from the Peabody showcase the four-billion-year intertwined evolution of dinosaurs and birds in an interactive exhibit featuring fossils, bones, feathers; and other artifacts. Known for its collection of dinosaur fossils; including some that were included in Jurassic Park, the Peabody also sports a comprehensive collection of birds, feathers, and more.

The Yale Peabody Museum

Founded in 1866, the Yale Peabody Museum is one of the world’s oldest and largest university museums of its kind. Home to over 14 million objects and specimens across 10 distinct collections, it preserves and displays more than four billion years of Earth and human history. Its galleries are currently closed for the Museum’s first major renovation in nearly a century. The Peabody will reopen free to the public in early 2024.

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