Kids 2022

Peabody Museum Presents: Dinos to Birds

FREE. Watch the Green turn into a museum as staff from the Peabody showcase the four-billion-year intertwined evolution of dinosaurs and birds in an interactive exhibit featuring fossils, bones, feathers; and other artifacts.

Recycled Reflections: Collage Art Made For & From the Community with Faustin Adeniran

In Collaboration with Arts for Learning CT

FREE. Learn collage with Faustin Adeniran, a contemporary sculptor from Lagos, Nigeria, now working in New Haven. You’ll use newspapers, cardboard, cans, and other items to create treasure from trash in this session.

Huneebee Project – Native Bee Hotel Making Workshop

FREE. Give bees a place to sleep and hear what all the buzz is all about from the Huneebee Project, who will teach us how to make hotels for native bees.

CANning Hunger with Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

FREE. View team-built sculptures that use cans to raise awareness about our shared connection to food and the issues around hunger and food scarcity in our community.

Sirius Coyote Music and Sounds of the Americas Music

with Arts for Learning CT

FREE. Travel across North America with Sirius Coyote, whose traditional, contemporary world music is renowned for its upbeat rhythm featuring guitar, sax, clarinet, flutes, kalimbas, drums, keyboards, ocarinas and a variety of other eclectic instruments made from materials found in nature.

Peabody Museum Presents: Drawing on Nature

FREE. Sharpen your pencils and get close to nature in this figure drawing session. Drop in and draw inspiration from butterflies, bird feathers, seashells, and other natural materials as staff from the Peabody guides participants in creating masterpieces worthy of Audubon.

Arabiqa with Karim Nagi

In partnership with Arts for Learning CT

FREE. Karim Nagi has spent the last 30 years teaching Arab music and folk dance to audiences throughout the world.

Cristina Ruales Fashion Workshop

In partnership with Arts for Learning CT

FREE. Learn the ins and outs of fashion design in this hands-on workshop with renowned designer Cristina Ruales.

Storytelling at the Cross Roads

In partnership with Arts for Learning CT

FREE. In this captivating storytelling event for kids, award-winning storyteller and mime Antonio Rocha showcases stories from around the world with character movements, sound effects and voices.

Mario the Maker Magician

FREE. Mario the Maker Magician has appeared on Sesame Street, NBC’s Universal Kids, and HGTV, and has toured with illusionist David Blaine, who called him “the best kids’ magician in the world.”

Eli Whitney Museum Presents Marbles in Motion

FREE. Staff from the Eli Whitney Museum will show how we can use marbles to learn about our world in a community-built marble run as well as with take-home kits.

Air Temple Arts: Steal the Stars

FREE. When the court of the moon is invaded by ruffians, and the stars are stolen out of the sky, the queen of the night sets out to find out why in this circus showcase.

Air Temple Arts: Intro to Circus

FREE. Air Temple Arts performers will teach fundamental circus skills like partner acrobatics, weight sharing, learning how to base and fly simple poses, and more—suitable for all ages and bodies!

Masem Enyong West African Dance Workshop

In partnership with Arts for Learning CT