Welcome to Newhallville

Come and be inspired by the possibilities of community vitality building! You will embark upon history and rebuilt beauty and splendor in one of New Haven’s top up and coming neighborhoods.

You will not want to miss this opportunity to have a personal tour of the new floating dock at beaver pond park or the new (coming soon) Inspired Training Center, which will be a place and a space for children and adults to learn how to build and sustain their community. We will also visit the new team building adventures park with it's historical innovations that will educate any and all. The tour will continue with a drive by of Harris & Tucker School, the oldest black-owned school that sits in both the town of Hamden and in the neighborhood of Newhallville. The final presentation will be done at the Learning Corridor (a creation of CPEN). You will learn why it was once labelled as the Mud Hole.

As you tour with us, you will get a glimpse into the flourishing future of Newhallville!

Inspired Communities Inc. (ICI)

Inspired Communities Inc., (ICI) is a Community Vitality Development & Training Corporation that helps to enhance neighborhood life through enrichment experiences, community civic engagement, active lifestyle, future readiness and nurturing local in districts of need. ICI was founded in the Newhallville Neighborhood of New Haven, CT in 2019, as a non-profit 501(c)3.