Tours 2023

Building Projects, Affordable Housing, and New Haven

Yale School of Architecture, Neighborhood Housing Services, and Columbus House joined forces to match New Haven residents with affordable housing. Learn about the program and visit some of the exciting building projects.

Welcome to Newhallville

Come and be inspired by the possibilities of community vitality building! You will embark upon history and rebuilt beauty and splendor in one of New Haven’s top up and coming neighborhoods.

Back to School

New Haven has a diverse education program from public/private schools to magnet/charter/regional schools to home schooling, where every individual has a place to learn. On this ride you will learn about all the educational opportunities available in New Haven.

Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know New Haven? Test your knowledge of the Elm City and win fabulous prizes as we close out Festival 2023.

Introductory Tour of Beinecke Library

During this 30+ minute introductory tour, participants will learn about the exhibitions and collections that are fully accessible to all.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.

Family Day at Outer Island


Capture small invasive crabs, observe herons and cormorants with binoculars, drag a net to collect small bait fish and algae, become a marine citizen scientist…measure the salt and oxygen in the water. Have fun discovering the island Refuge in Stony Creek CT: learn its history. Bring a picnic; choose a glacial rock for your spot.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.

Instants: Linda Lindroth's Polaroid Portraits

Explore the stories in the exhibit Instants: Linda Lindroth's Polaroid Portraits with the artist and Museum staff.

Public Art in New Haven

Public art abounds in New Haven from commissioned works, donated pieces, to bold graffiti art. Explore the melange of art offerings from international and local artists that are free and open to the public.

CAES: The Nation's Oldest Agricultural Experiment Station

Get to know the CAES through this guided tour of the grounds and explore this renowned Bio Lab! The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES), established in 1875, is the first agricultural experiment station in the United States.

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The Humanities Quadrangle at Yale

Take a guided tour of the Humanities Quadrangle at Yale. The newly renovated 14-story building, formerly known as the Hall of Graduate Studies, recently began a new era for the Humanities at Yale.

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Climb to Unimaginable Heights!

Explore the design and fabrication facility of the world renowned climbing sculpture company Luckey Climbers. Tour will include descriptions of ongoing projects in various stages of production and a slide lecture of selected projects from our portfolio.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.

Architectural Scavenger Hunt

Presented by Docomomo US

Join Docomomo US, the national modern preservation organization, as we take to the sidewalks of New Haven to discover buildings from the city's past and present. Learn to read a building using the language of architecture and capture your favorite details, patterns and textures along the way.

East Coast Greenway/Farmington Canal Trail North

Travel North from New Haven to Cheshire and learn about plans to connect the former rail trail to Northampton, MA. Visit historic Locks 12 and 14 before returning to New Haven. A representative of ECG will lead the ride and provide information and background on the trail.

Shared Experiences: New Haven and International Sister Cities

New Haven has a long and rich tradition of cultural exchange with its Sister Cities around the world-Leon, Amalfi, Tetlanohcan, Hue, Afula, Freetown, Avignon, and Changsha. This tour will highlight the relationships between New Haven and its partners in other countries with guest speakers, presentations, music, art and food.