Tempests of the Mind: Exploring Climate Change, Shakespeare, and the Human Experience

Ideas Unleashed

Step into the tempestuous world of Shakespeare's King Lear and explore its profound relevance to our modern climate challenges!  No work of English literature speaks more directly to human vulnerability in the face of climate disruption than Shakespeare's King Lear. The old king, thrust into the storm, feels his environmental weakness to his skin. This round-table conversation is led by renowned Shakespearean scholar Steve Mentz. Speakers will include David Sterling Brown, a CT native who currently teaches at Trinity College in Hartford, and actor, writer, and teacher Tara Bradway.

Steve Mentz

Steve Mentz teaches Shakespeare and the environmental humanities at St. John's University in New York City. His most recent book, Sailing without Ahab, entwines the global trajectory of Melville's Moby Dick with his own ocean swimming on the Connecticut Shoreline. He is also the author of numerous other books, including An Introduction to the Blue Humanities (2023) and Ocean (2020). He lives in Short Beach, Branford.

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