Social Connections to End Loneliness

Ideas Summit: How We Live

Join host Catherine Shen on CT Public's "Where We Live" as she moderates an engaging discussion with Deb Bibbens, founder of For All Ages. Discover innovative ideas to combat loneliness, improve treatment of older individuals, and foster intergenerational kindness. Learn about some special programs that can make people of all ages healthier and happier, and help our community feel more connected and livelier. Don't miss this chance to hear about new ways to bring different generations closer and make our society kinder for everyone.

Deb Bibbins

Deb Bibbins, JD, MBA, is the founder & CEO of For All Ages, the CT nonprofit connecting the generations and inspiring action to end loneliness, reduce ageism, and improve health and well-being - and the convening organization of The CT Collaborative to End Loneliness, an alliance to foster social connection across CT.

Deb’s 30+ years of experience in and out of the workplace energizing people of all ages to collaborate and her refreshing and passionate approach have made her a sought-after speaker locally and nationally on the topics of social health, ageism, the power of intergenerational interaction, and purposeful engagement for healthy aging.

Deb is a member of the Commit to Connect Nationwide Network of Champions and USAging’s Intergenerational Community of Practice. She serves on Goodwin University’s Advisory Board for Health Science and Public Health Programs and the Farmington Valley CT Community Health Improvement Task Force and is certified by the National Institute of Dementia Education. 

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