WORKSHOP: Rethinking Age Discrimination: Your Attitude About Aging Impacts Your Future (with Donna Fedus)

Ideas Summit: How We Live

The experience of aging is drastically different from what it was just one or two generations ago. Yet age bias persists. Age stereotypes and discrimination are harmful for our own self-talk and for any older adult we interact with. Join us for an interactive workshop, where we challenge outdated assumptions and perceptions about aging, and practice responses to common scenarios and thoughts like “I feel old.”

Donna Fedus

Donna Fedus is a gerontologist educator, professor, program strategist, instructional designer, researcher, and entrepreneur. Her life’s work - pursued enthusiastically for more than 30 years so far - is to offer alternatives to the tragedy narrative that often surround aging, caregiving, and dementia. Donna is gerontologist and founder of Borrow My Glasses, which provides scalable learning solutions, training, and evaluation services for organizations and individuals looking to embrace the many opportunities brought by longevity. Learn more at

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