Family 2023

The Ghost Net: An Environmental Musical of the Sea

Presented by Grumbling Gryphons

The Ghost Net: An Environmental Musical of the Sea provides a powerful vehicle for promoting awareness of our planet’s rapidly depleting oceans and endangered marine life. The workshop prior to the show will provide participating children opportunity to be in the show!

ARTFARM: Introduction to Circus Arts!

ARTFARM will offer kids, ages 6–16, an opportunity to try some of the basic elements of circus arts in a fun outdoor workshop setting. Participants will try their hand at juggling, balancing, partner acrobatics, circrobatics, hula hooping and other simple forms of movement. Be ready to toss, tumble and spin on the grassy New Haven Green!

Leland Faulkner: Walker Between Worlds

Walker Between Worlds is a journey into the world of Native American Stories. The oral history, natural observations, and culture of the First Americans is shared by Leland Faulkner a world traveler and performing artist who is a member of the Bad River Band of Chippewa.

NHSO Family Concert

Calling all families! Come celebrate International Make Music Day with members of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra in a fun performance on the New Haven Green. No special musical talents required, but the experience will be super interactive. You may have a chance to conduct, to direct the volume of the music, or to affect the speed of the professional musicians. A great way to get everyone involved in making music.

Wheel Life Theatre Troupe: Pooh's Adventures

Presented by The Legacy Theatre

Follow the adventurous and delightful tales of A.A. Milne’s engaging characters, Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, and Piglet in Pooh’s Adventures! With book adaptation by Keely Baisden Knudsen, this fun and witty exploration of the Hundred Acre Wood by the Wheel Life Theatre Troupe will engage audiences of all ages!

Spellbound Theatre: WINK

What happens when we go to sleep? Spellbound Theatre’s Wink is an imaginative and multi-disciplinary performance that explores dreams from the perspective of a young child and her bear. Blending shadow puppetry, physical theatre, and animation, this unique show is designed to engage and inspire the very youngest audience members. Inspired by the classic poem, “Wynken, Blynken and Nod,” Wink is ideal for kids age 0-7, but can be enjoyed by all ages.

Universal Sounds

Universal Sounds’ performers Nate and Marcus will perform current and historical Top 40 music, utilizing current music technology and devices such as digital keyboards, electronic drums and percussion and computers. The performance is a fun, entertaining and often danceable flow of music and demonstration.

Architectural Scavenger Hunt

Presented by Docomomo US

Join Docomomo US, the national modern preservation organization, as we take to the sidewalks of New Haven to discover buildings from the city's past and present. Learn to read a building using the language of architecture and capture your favorite details, patterns and textures along the way.

Polyglot Theatre: Bees

Explore a buzzing, humming hive of activity, as three human-sized Bees busy themselves in the creation of a community alongside children who transform into bees as they play. Australian based company, Polyglot, brings a joyfully interactive world that welcomes us into community, wonder, and imagination!

Masem Enyong: Afro Beat Fun

Led by innovative dance teacher Masem Enyong of Afro Beat Fun, you’ll work with the group to practice new dance moves, develop a dance routine and learn how African dance has influenced popular culture — all to the joyous sounds of contemporary Afro beats. Join your kids and get groovin!