Let's Make a Dance

Collaborate with a Broadway choreographer to create a movement-based dance.

Keigwin + Company’s inclusive “Let’s Make a Dance” workshop is open to all ages and skill levels. The company’s artistic director—choreographer and award-winning dancer Larry Keigwin—invites anyone with “undiscovered talent and a sense of humor” to join the workshop, he says. “Come move with us and play.”

Keigwin & Company will open the virtual door to their creative process and guide participants through a choreographic process that uses games, creative assignments and guided improvisation to build mini dances. The goal is to harness the group’s collective enthusiasm for dance in a playful environment to enable everyone to discover their bodies' singular imagination and the performer within. The result will be a learning experience that highlights the joy of the creative process and emphasizes that dance is a journey taken with others.

For a Great Workshop Experience

Set up your space. If possible, give yourself about 6 square feet of space in which to move.

Position your camera. Set up your camera in a fixed location so you can be seen steadily throughout the workshop. If possible, set up your camera so you can be seen at least from your waist up.

Don't be shy. Please start with your video on. The workshop leaders may direct you at different times to turn off your video or audio, but only at their direction.

Have fun!

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