Community Class with Shayla Caldwell of EVIDENCE

In-Person Workshop


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Participate in a workshop with Shayla Caldwell of EVIDENCE; Shayla is a New Haven native and director of the Caldwell Dance Center. This class is designed for intergenerational participants with a wide range to no dance experience, featuring simplified steps from Brown’s blended style of contemporary, African, and Caribbean dance styles.  

Remember to wear shoes! 

Shayla Caldwell is a native of New Haven, Connecticut.  She became heavily influenced by traditional West African dance after being introduced to the Guinean culture by mother and dance mentor Shari Caldwell. She has and continues to work under the instruction of Ali Tatchol Camara and Yamoussa Camara. She attended Educational Center for the Arts under the direction of Susan Matheke, Earl Mosley and Freddie Moore. She then went on to attend Virginia Commonwealth University where she was honored to work with faculty Scott Putman, Christian Von Howard, and Autumn Proctor. She presently works at The Caldwell Dance Center as Artistic Director and instructor. She is extremely humbled and privileged to progress with Evidence, A Dance Company and thanks God, family and friends for the unconditional love and support she is blessed with.


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