Free on the Green 2024

The Alexander Clark Stage on the New Haven Green takes the Festival's outdoor concert experience to new heights! With dynamic professional lighting, LED digital displays, and an upgraded stage design, get ready for a transformational concert experience. Come and immerse yourself in a whole new vibe.

Anne Cubberly's Giant Puppets

Experience the whimsical magic of Anne Cubberly’s Giant Puppets as they roam the Green and Downtown New Haven! These colossal, colorful creations are more than just puppets—they’re vibrant reflections of our essence and the boundless spirit within us all. Don’t let their size intimidate you; instead, seek them out and bask in the awe- inspiring wonder they evoke.

Juneteenth Celebration

Curated by Artsucation and the Official Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven, this evening promises to be a harmonious blend of rhythm, love, and artistry like no other. Join us for an evening with New Haven All-Stars featuring The Keepers of the Culture Performing Arts Company, Manny James and Soulclectic, and The Rahsaan Langley Project.

Juneteenth Village

The concept of unity - Umoja - is the lifeblood of any community. Come and support the various entrepreneurs who welcome you and your families and experience the values of intergenerational respect and learning through an elder honoring ceremony and educational presentations. Curated by Artsucation and the Official Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven.

New Haven Symphony Orchestra: Celebrate New Haven

Join us for an unforgettable evening of music and merriment at “Celebrate New Haven!” Experience the vibrant energy of our city as the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of its new music director, Conductor Perry So, fills the air with melodies. Get ready to dance under the stars at our outdoor party! NHSO brings passion and innovation to every performance, inspiring audiences of all ages. Enjoy a bite from a local restaurant or food truck and revel in this free concert on the New Haven Green!


Celtic Fusion

You are invited to delight in the enchanting sounds of Cécilia! This dynamic band effortlessly blends traditional, Celtic, and Quebecois music, creating a whirlwind of musical magic. From skillfully arranged pieces to influences ranging from contemporary to classical, jazz, and swing styles, their performances are a true celebration of musical fusion. Get up and dance as you won’t be able to sit still!

The Ebony Hillbillies


Get ready to be swept away by the infectious tunes of The Ebony Hillbillies – the last African-American String Band in America! Keeping essential traditions alive with a fresh twist, they blend pop, country, bluegrass, folk, rock, and jazz into an untamed, joyful sound. From appearances at NYC’s music under New York to captivating performances today, they bridge generations and transcend cultural boundaries. Join us for a toe-tapping, heartwarming experience that honors musical heritage and celebrates unity!

Tempests of the Mind: Exploring Climate Change, Shakespeare, and the Human Experience

Ideas Unleashed

Step into the tempestuous world of Shakespeare's King Lear and explore its profound relevance to our modern climate challenges! No work of English literature speaks more directly to human vulnerability in the face of climate disruption than Shakespeare's King Lear. The old king, thrust into the storm, feels his environmental weakness to his skin. This round-table conversation is led by renowned Shakespearean scholar Steve Mentz. Speakers will include David Sterling Brown, a CT native who currently teaches at Trinity College in Hartford, and actor, writer, and teacher Tara Bradway.

NHSO Family Concert

Experience New Orleans jazz on the New Haven Green! The New Haven Symphony Orchestra’s brass quintet presents fun for the whole family in this free, interactive concert for young children. Kids will get the chance to parade in a 2nd line and a special guest host will read “Trombone Shorty.” Join in the family fun for everyone at New Haven’s take on the Big Easy!

PechaKucha: The Best We Could Do

How much can you share in 20 slides, 20 seconds each? PechaKucha, originating in Tokyo in 2003, offers a platform for storytellers to share their tales in a distinctive format. This innovative approach has intrigued both storytellers and audiences globally. Show up and learn several new things very quickly! Want you tell your own story?

Submit Here

DIY StoryCorps

Join us for a special storytelling event led by seasoned storyteller Saul Fussiner, followed by the opportunity to record your story for potential submission to StoryCorps. The theme of the event is celebration, and Saul will guide participants through a short workshop to hone their storytelling skills. Kevin Ewing will be on hand to assist with the recording process. Don't miss this chance to share your story and celebrate the power of narrative!

Elm City: The Heartbeat of Connecticut

Embark on a cinematic odyssey that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of the Hill, Dixwell, Newhallville, Fair Haven, Long Wharf, and West Hills/West Rock neighborhoods. This compelling new documentary delves deep into the roots, evolution, and future prospects of these diverse communities. Join us for an enlightening Q&A session as we explore the cultural richness that defines our city. Don’t miss this captivating cinematic experience!


Ukrainian Folk Fusion

Join us on June 20th for a heartwarming celebration of International Refugee Day with DakhaBrakha! Meaning “give and take” in Ukrainian, DakhaBrakha blends traditional Ukrainian folk music with global rhythms, creating a mesmerizing trans-national sound. Winners of the Shevchenko National Prize in 2020, DakhaBrakha performs around the world, bringing song and stories from their homeland of Kiev. Experience the joy of cultural exchange through captivating video content and live music.

Stokley Williams

Get ready to groove with R&B and Soul sensation Stokley Williams from Mint Condition! With a GRAMMY-nominated career as a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi- instrumentalist, Stokley has collaborated with music icons like Prince, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson. Known for his soulful voice and electrifying performances, Stokley brings his chart-topping hits like “Organic” and “Levels” to the stage. DJs SW1 and Hollywood will warm us up along with Connecticut favorite, Ricky Alan Draughn and his band. Join your hosts comedian Freddie Ricks (Shaft, Baby Boy, Strays) and Hollywood for an unforgettable night of smooth rhythms and soulful melodies!

The Red Trouser Show

Get ready for The Red Trouser Show! Circus stunts, precision acrobatics, and comedy collide in this electrifying performance! David Graham and Tobin Renwick, lifelong friends since 1st grade and Circus Smirkus alumni, bring two decades of world-traveling expertise to their production. With non-stop action and heart-pounding excitement, you'll be laughing and cheering from start to finish. Don't miss out on this award-winning spectacle that promises thrills, spills, and plenty of laughter!

Harmony in Action

Experience the rich melodies of Music Haven’s advanced student chamber orchestra, Harmony In Action (HIA) on the New Haven Green! In addition to numerous performance opportunities throughout the year, HIA students also plan social action projects, host guest speakers, participate in workshops, and attend concert trips.

El Laberinto del Coco

Bomba Fusion

Experience the rhythmic magic of El Laberinto del Coco, an Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba Fusion ensemble, led by percussionist Hector “Coco” Barez. With a unique blend of sizzling musical ideas, Barez presents new ways to the traditional sounds of Puerto Rican Bomba. Expect sizzling horn lines, funky guitar riffs, layered percussion, and captivating vocals that will leave you mesmerized. With their infectious energy and innovative sound, El Laberinto del Coco has carved a distinct niche in the music scene, captivating audiences worldwide. Join us at 6PM for an opening treat with New Haven’s own Harmony in Action.

Improv Workshop with The Regicides

Say “Yes, and…” to the Regicides, then get on your feet and play with us! Exercise your creative and collaborative muscles while having a ton of fun learning the basics of improvisational comedy, facilitated by New Haven’s longest-running improv ensemble. (Please note: Workshop participants must be 15 or older)

Mulan Fitness Art School

Don’t miss the vibrant dance performance by Mulan Fitness Art School! Led by the talented Ms. Jichun Sun, whose students showcase traditional Chinese dance styles alongside Mulan quan – a modern fusion of tai chi, yoga, and martial arts. With Ms. Jichun’s expertise and years of stage experience, the performance promises to be a delightful celebration of Mulan spirits and Chinese culture.


Inuit Soul

Experience the vibrant rhythms and rich culture of the Inuit people with Pamyua! Through their captivating music and dance performances, Pamyua showcases Inuit traditions, sharing indigenous knowledge and history with the world. Their unique style blends traditional melodies with contemporary vocalization and instrumentation, earning them the title of “Inuit Soul Music.”

Voting Rights – Citywide Youth Coalition

Ideas Unleashed

Join us for an exciting community conversation hosted by the Citywide Youth Coalition Inc! We're diving into the topic of expanding voting rights to 16-year-olds for local state elections. Let's empower our youth with knowledge about civic engagement and voting practices. Together, we'll explore ways to invest in the next generation of voters and ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities. Get ready to engage, learn, and make a difference in our democratic process!

A Night of Poet Laureates

Get ready to be swept away at "A Night of Poet Laureates"! Join us for an electrifying evening filled with the power of words as three Connecticut poet laureates grace the stage with their mesmerizing performances. Feel the rhythm, hear the stories, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of contemporary spoken word art. Let's celebrate the diverse voices that make the Connecticut landscape so rich and dynamic. Don't miss out on this unforgettable showcase of talent and expression! Featuring CT state poet laureate Antoinette Brim Bell, New Haven poet laureate Sharmont Influence-Little and Hartford poet laureate emeritus Frederick-Douglass Knoweles II.

CONTRA-TIEMPO: Community “Get Down”

A joyous community dance jam where dancers lead participants in various Afro-Latin and urban forms, salsa, rumba, samba and hip-hop grooves. Together we embody joy as a tool to build community. Appropriate for all ages. No prior dance knowledge necessary.

In The Room with State Treasurer Erick Russell

Ideas Unleashed

Enjoy an unforgettable evening with John Dankosky, CT Mirror's Director of Events, and Erick Russell, Connecticut’s 84th State Treasurer! With John's charm and expertise as a renowned radio personality and moderator, and Erick's historic achievement as the first Black LGBTQ person elected to statewide office, get ready for an engaging and inspiring discussion.

Luca Ciarla solOrkestra

Italian Folk

Dive into a mesmerizing musical journey with Italian violinist Luca Ciarla! Using a loop pedal, his voice, and even toy instruments, Luca creates a unique blend of sounds and rhythms. Watch as he transforms his violin into a guitar, cello, or percussion, weaving a tapestry of melodies that transport audiences to the Mediterranean. From traditional Italian folk tunes to original compositions, Luca’s performance is a dazzling solOrkestra of innovation and charm. Don’t miss this magical acoustic seduction.

Caro Pierotto

Brazilian Bossa Nova

Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing melodies of GRAMMY Award-nominee Caro Pierotto and her all-star Brazilian band! From the moment she strikes her first note, Caro’s vintage voice captivates audiences, singing originals and covers in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. With a repertoire spanning samba, reggae, pop, and soul, she defies musical labels, spreading love, hope, and healing wherever her music takes her. Join us for an unforgettable journey filled with joy, rhythm, and soulful expression!

Changemakers: Ana María Álvarez & Aaron Jafferis

Ideas Unleashed

Join us for an exciting conversation with Ana María Álvarez, Founding Artistic Director of CONTRA-TIEMPO, and Aaron Jafferis, hip-hop poet and playwright, as they delve into the intersection of art and activism. Discover the power of using your creativity as a tool for social change and empowerment. With lively discussion and inspiring insights, this event promises to ignite your passion and spark new ideas.

Dobet Gnahoré

Afro Pop

Get ready to be dazzled by the phenomenal talent of GRAMMY Award-winner Dobet Gnahoré! Hailing from Côte d’Ivoire, Dobet is a virtuosic singer, dancer, and percussionist who’s captured the world’s attention with her powerful stage presence and emotional vocal style. With her latest album, “Couleur,” she’s breaking boundaries, infusing modern Afropop with electrifying grooves and catchy hooks. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with hope, positivity, and the vibrant rhythms of Africa!

Caribbean Festival

The New Haven Caribbean Heritage Festival is a vibrant celebration that honors the rich cultural contributions of the Caribbean Diaspora in New England. Enjoy captivating performances that showcase the heart and soul of Caribbean music, dance, and artistry. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean through colorful displays that represent various island nations. The festival is an all-ages affair, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. Indulge in Caribbean culinary delights, from jerk chicken to plantains, and grapenut to rum and raisin ice cream.