Human Library Sparks Dialogue Between Diverse Community Members

Sociologists Billy Bromage and Virginia Spell have worked with Arts & Ideas to coordinate a Human Library event on the New Haven Green.

Hanan Hameen Leads Free to Dance Workshop on Juneteenth

Deeply rooted within Hameen’s soul is an artist who praises her history through her art, movement and teachings

Festival Fellows Meet Composer and Singer Amir Alan Vahab

Amir, a celebrated composer and singer of Sufi and folk music, brought in some of his native Persian instruments as well as his vast knowledge and insight into many different musical subjects.

KeyBank Sponsors Headliner Concert on the Green for the 22nd Year!

"There is nothing more inspiring than the fellowship created as the community comes together on a gorgeous summer night on the Green to sing, dance, and picnic with family and friends."

Celebrating Our City, All Year!

In our down time, Festival staff get to enjoy tons of amazing things going on in our community. Each week, our Louise Endel Community Engagement Manager Sarah Sherban, will be sharing a few things...

Fellowship Blog

A Weekend at the New Haven Green
By: Alejandro Rojas
On Saturday morning I arrived at the New Haven Green. I took a seat on the bleachers close to College Street and saw myself surrounded by a whole...

Lesley Logan: Personal Essay

There are so many people who have had a big impact on my life, but there is only one person who has changed my life for years to come. My mom has had a strong, profound effect on me as an...

Kadijah McClain: Board Member Interview

When I first acknowledged the fact that we were going to be interviewing board members, I wasn’t as nervous, but when I stepped inside that room it was like someone flicked on the nervous switch. I...

Desiree Riddick: Personal Essay

I have been through a lot throughout the course of my life. When I was born, my mother and father were in the military, which involved a lot of moving around. I was born in Middletown, Connecticut...

Personal Essay – Shaina Vega

As the oldest of four siblings, I find it my responsibility to encourage myself and my younger siblings to go to college and create better lives for ourselves. My mother never made it out of her...

Personal Essay – Sharon Dickey

When I think of the word personal, the definition that comes to mind is the private side of a person’s life. Basically, things people don’t and can’t see judging by a person’s outward appearance. It...

Personal Essay – Diamond Davis

As I walk down the streets of my neighborhood, I see a lot of crimes being committed. Living in a neighborhood where there’s nothing but violence makes you think about changing your life around. If I...