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How do you festival?

Come festival with your friends.

How do you festival?

Come festival with this generation.

Tom Griggs on Mornings with Mubarakah

Our Co-Director, Tom Griggs, joined WNHH host Host Mubarakah Ibrahim to talk Festival!

Festival 2018 is Launched!

For 23 years New Haven has had the opportunity to Festival. To see our City come to life with world-class artists, thinkers,and leaders. To come together to celebrate our families, our neighbors, and...

Join the Journey to Pepperland

At the 2017 Golden Globes, Donald Glover made the proclamation that the Atlanta rap trio Migos was “The Beatles of our generation.” It was an ambitious statement, one that made audiences question...

Visionary Leadership Award Reflection

Claudia Rankine sits on stage. She has just won the 8th annual Visionary Leadership Award. Speaking calmly, taking pauses only to let her words resonate more clearly, Rankine discusses her award...

'Tell 'Em About the Dream': Kronos Quartet Explores Moment MLK Went Off-Script

Kronos Quartet performs a piece based on King's iconic "I Have a Dream" speech in Music for Change: The '60s - The Years that Changed America. Learn More >

Martin Luther King may have never delivered...

Announcing Festival Co-Directors!

Tom Griggs, Chad Herzog, and Liz Fisher appointed Co-Directors of the Festival.

YQI welcomes Spencer Topel as second artist-in-residence for the upcoming academic year

Following the successful launch of the Yale Quantum Institute Artist-in-Residence Program in Summer 2017 and the overwhelmingly positive reception of the artistic residency of Martha Willette Lewis (...


The late American playwright August Wilson, whose Tony and Pulitzer prize-winning play Fences premiered at the Yale Repertory Theatre, is legend for his depiction of the African-American experience...

Tim Snyder: On Tyranny

Author Tim Snyder discusses his guide to identifying and understanding the frightening parallels between our current reality and that of 20th century Europeans.

We thought it was about the economy?

Since the inauguration, we've seen executive orders on immigration, controversies surrounding Russia, and tweets about crowd size and wire tapping. But hold on—wasn't it supposed to be about the...