Toto Kisaku, Artist in Residence: on "Identity"

Does the acquisition of an identity change our being? Does looking for and discovering our identity strengthen or weaken our capacity for personal and community development?

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Following a joint artist residency at the Yale Art Gallery in 2013, photographers Jim Goldberg and Donovan Wylie began collaboration on a book project to explore New Haven’s urban landscape. The...

Human Library Sparks Dialogue Between Diverse Community Members

Sociologists Billy Bromage and Virginia Spell have worked with Arts & Ideas to coordinate a Human Library event on the New Haven Green.

Gospel Fest: Soul Stirring Music and the Woman Behind It All

Every community has its ray of light, its mother, the person to whom they look up to for faith and for hope, the New Haven community has Ms. Mae Gibson-Brown.

A Closer Look: Whitman, Melville, Dickinson - Passions of Bloom

Conguring three mammoth literary ghosts when their freedom of expression may be most needed, and most imperiled.

Hanan Hameen Leads Free to Dance Workshop on Juneteenth

Deeply rooted within Hameen’s soul is an artist who praises her history through her art, movement and teachings

Festival Fellows Meet Composer and Singer Amir Alan Vahab

Amir, a celebrated composer and singer of Sufi and folk music, brought in some of his native Persian instruments as well as his vast knowledge and insight into many different musical...

We are building the Keybank Stage on the New Haven Green!

Doug Harry (Festival Production Manager) and Rebecca Bombero (Director of Parks, Recreation & Trees for New Haven) give a sneak peak of the construction of the Key Bank Stage on the New Haven...

Tim Snyder - On Tyranny

Author Tim Snyder is excited to share his new book, "On Tyranny: 20 Lessons from the 20th Century" with the festival audience at his upcoming Ideas event on June 13.

Explore New Haven by bike!

Paul Proulx and Laura Burrone from Elm City Cycling discuss some of the upcoming bike tours around New Haven.

Aaron Jafferis on (Be)longing: Personal stories provide people with a pathway to connection.

“Paying attention to folks who might feel excluded and reaching out directly, and also creating entry points for folks indirectly who we might not know are feeling excluded, that’s one...

KeyBank Sponsors Headliner Concert on the Green for the 22nd Year!

"There is nothing more inspiring than the fellowship created as the community comes together on a gorgeous summer night on the Green to sing, dance, and picnic with family and friends....

Behind the Scenes with Manual Cinema

Manual Cinema company member, Julia Miller, takes us on a tour behind the scenes of "The End of TV," their newest production which premieres at the Arts & Ideas June 19-22, 2017.