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It's New Haven Day on the Mainstage!

Thabisa says, "If you're not here you better come here right now!" Come Festival with us!

Day One: Let the fun begin!

The Festival is right around the corner! Are you ready to jump into hundreds of fun events? Day one is packed with events to engage all of the senses. We want to prepare you for the outdoor and...

How to Get the Most Out of Ideas

You’re eyeing that super intriguing Ideas talk, imagining the great discussion to come. There aren’t many opportunities like this to talk with city planners, dancers, hip hop historians, youth...

Our crew is busy getting it all ready!

The Festival kicks off this Saturday 6/8 with New Haven Day on the Green and the crew is busy getting everything in place! Come Festival with Us!

Headliner How-To 2019

The headline concerts on the New Haven Green—the big shows on Saturday and Sunday evenings—are among the most visible and exciting parts of each year's Festival. They are completely FREE and open to...

What is Garba? Crossing the Globe, Crossing Generations

Are you ready to learn just how beautiful and how big garba is today? As you read these last three facts as shared by the Lincoln Center, get excited to dance on the Green with Garba360!


What is Garba? Snap, Clap and Twirl

The guide to garba continues with three more informative tidbits, thanks to the Lincoln Center. Keep reading to learn more about the dance that Garba360 will teach at this year’s festival.

A garba...

What is Garba? The Meaning Behind the Tradition

What is the history behind garba? Read on for a guide to garba (courtesy of the Lincoln Center), the Indian dance tradition that Garba360 will bring to New Haven for the first time this summer.


In Conversation with HOME Creator Geoff Sobelle


Hear Geoff Sobelle expound on the inspirations leading to HOME in this recent podcast by Berkeley Rep. Sobelle discusses the imaginative and literal construction of the project and the magic that...

Quiz: What Festival performance should you see?

The Festival starts in less than a week, so we made you a quiz to see which Show you should go see!

Toto Kisaku, Artist in Residence: "Human in Plural"

"Human in Plural / Plural in Human" is a way in which we identify ourselves. Through this perspective, sizes, colors, religions, social classes, and race are only names, not identities in themselves....

Conductor Alasdair Neale is Ready to Take the New Haven Symphony Orchestra to New Heights

Alasdair Neale will officially take over as music director and conductor of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, the fourth oldest in the country, July 1, shortly after he is introduced to the community...